OBR’s custom built workstations are blisteringly fast. The 12TB internal RAID means that hard drive read/write speeds of over 700MBs are possible. Couple this with 6GB of video RAM and a 12 core Xeon X5 processor and our systems are some of the fastest Mac based editing and grading machines.

If your team are struggling on a project and just need a bit of extra power for a few days these computers will save you time, money and frustration. Call us for extended hire periods. All systems come fully loaded with the latest Adobe Creative Suite and 1x 25″ Dell Ultrasharp 2015 model.

Mac Pro 5,1
3.46Ghz 12 core
512GB Flash (Boot)
Areca Raid Card USB 3,0
12x Internal HDD (Raid 5) 700MBs +
980Ti 6GB GPU Video Card